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What is a Private Mortgage

Private mortgages are a flexible financing option for situations where banks, credit unions, and even equity-based lenders will not help. While this option usually has a higher interest rate, the conditions of the contract are kept to a minimum.

When You Should Consider A Private Lender

You should consider using a private lender in the following circumstances

  1. Where your debt to income ratio is high
  2. If your credit score is preventing you from getting a mortgage from a traditional lender
  3. If you have recently been insolvent
  4. When you have insufficient funds for a down payment on the property
  5. If you earn income from a non-traditional source
  6. If you want to obtain a second mortgage
  7. If the property that you wish to purchase is not one that the banks would finance
  8. You need fast finance and don’t want to wait for a long approval process.

Not everyone will qualify for a mortgage through traditional lenders. Institutional lenders are governed by strict lending regulations. Private mortgages are short-term, interest-only loans and they offer the borrower an opportunity to finance property over the short term while finding alternative ways to borrow money.

Private mortgage lenders are a great option for those who want a personalized experience, and who want to avoid the extended lead times and red tape required by institutional lenders. Private lenders are usually happy to finance property by up to 85%. Their primary concern is the value of the property rather than the history of the borrower.

Reason for a

Private Mortgage

Credit issues are usually one of the main reasons that a person would require a private mortgage. For example, a person coming out of bankruptcy may need more time to rebuild credit before a bank will consider giving that person a mortgage.

A prime mortgage lender is required to follow strict guidelines, which can make it difficult to obtain a mortgage. When working with private lenders, a common-sense approach is applied to lending that involves considering other important details resulting in a client now qualifying for a mortgage or mortgage renewal. Our goal is to make this happen for you. Are you having difficulty obtaining financing, contact us now to see how our common-sense approach is different. We work for you, to meet your financing needs.

Other reasons where people would seek private mortgages may include:

When someone currently in a consumer proposal who would benefit by paying off a mortgage through private financing, which will allow them to rebuild credit quicker
When someone who is self-employed that has difficulty providing sufficient proof of income to banks and other prime mortgage lenders

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